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Stella Viridi, the esoteric portal

Stella Viridi, the esoteric portal is meant to present our last discoveries on the matter of sacred geometry, especially about radionic graphics. The designers Jean-Marie Babut along with his son Aurélien have been developing and using those radionic graphics for more than twenty years in the practice of Radionics, purification, the dynamization of water, crystals, elixirs etc., Geobiology, habitation harmonizing and many more aspects of well-being and health. To our knowledge, Radionics and Esoterism practitioners have been using radionic graphics for centuries. We are now providing our expertise to amateurs, therapists and professionals of esoteric disciplines, to beginners as well as to experts.

We already opened the shop and the portal's development is still under way. Our esoteric library is being translated as you read this. In a near future, you will be able to find information about all the esoteric disciplines we practice as well as the means to attend our training courses. Many other extensions of that portal are being studied or already under way. You can follow us on social networks. For now, most of the information provided there is in french. However, we intend to provide more and more information in english as time goes on:

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Our sacred geometry-based tools

Our discoveries have been made by studies and esoteric researches, meditation, waking dreams, visions and other disciplines. The studies, researches and developments have been refined with Radiesthesia and advanced experimentations performed by many users. To this day, The overall amount of work on that subject represents dozens of thousands hours and is still under way.

Each sacred geometry-based tool is tested on 4000 parameters to define its aptitudes, characteristics and performances. Most users, students and professionals alike, trained on radiesthesia and radionics have immediately valued our radionic graphics as favourite tools, abandoning their old ones. All these results supported us in keeping up the studies on that matter.

At this point, our work has led to more than five hundred experimental sacred geometry-based tools. Most of them are designed as radionic graphics along with some three-dimensional shapes like the Keops. On Stella Viridi, we display only our most advanced discoveries. You would have guessed that many others are under thorough scrutiny.

Sacred geometry shapes affect the energies, the vibrations which surround and inhabit us. Used wisely, they help, dynamize, harmonize and support our energies to a better health and well-being. They provide gentle, efficient solutions to our ills of physical, psychological, cognitive, psychic and energetic nature. By acting up to the most subtle planes, they can sway events and situation leading to a life path transformation.


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