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In this category, you will find sacred geometry patterns, mainly radionic graphics with energetic protection properties. They are designed to be used with Radionics and Water dynamisation. Notably, those patterns offer protection against any type of energetic negativity like daily relationships' pollutions that can lower the vibrational rate and maintain it low. Concerning Therapists, we provide efficient protections against frequent transfers, sometimes insidious and devastating. That's why in addition to protections it's also necessary to cleanse all those stored negativities. An article on this last subject is currently being translated in the Library.


  • therapist-ideal Therapist Ideal

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry pattern especially recommended for therapists, professionals in esoterism, Radionics, Radiesthesia or other disciplines. Those tools are ideal to guard against transfers as well as to be cleansed from them. Moreover, you will also be able to protect yourself from the negativity that your activity might arouse. This includes malicious esoteric attacks. Some of those tools are also perfect to maintain your vibrational rate to a high level and thus, raising your action potential while lowering overstrain risks which are so common.

  • radionic-graphic-radionics-relationships Relationships' Pollutions

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry patterns which preserve from and free of direct or indirect relationships' pollutions of a private or professional nature. They are destined to be used for Radionics, water dynamisation or other esoteric disciplines. Day after day, relationships' pollutions accumulate and attack the energies producing weariness, insomnia, petulance, lasting loss of morale, lack of concentration, feeling of guilt, vulnerability as well as other unpleasant symptoms ruining life comfort and deeply affecting the personality. By cleansing those charges while protecting yourself from reiciving them again, the vision of life and the entourage changes towards a better well-being as well as a steadier personality.

  • radionic-graphic-radionics-energy-cleanse Energy Cleanse

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry pattern suited for Energy Cleanse, purification and regeneration of the energies, auras, chakras and the psyche. They are designed for protection with Radionics, water dynamisation or other esoteric disciplines. While protecting the subject of the esoteric action, our radionic graphics also produce a deep potent cleanse of every cells, energetic bodies and chakras from all accumulated negative charges, even very ancient crystallised ones. This work stands as a good start to recover a steady well-being as well as for a steady spiritual evolution, without chains.