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The Phoenix

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Protection, Dynamisation, Inner Peace, Amplification, Vitalisation, Health Support, Spiritual awakening, Professionnal

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Radionic Graphic: The Phoenix

To date, the Phoenix radionic graphic represents the outcome of our esoteric searches on radionic graphics. It can be used in many ways. As a powerful protection, it connects to sturdy energetic guardians and preserves from relational pollution. This radionic graphic protects from malicious esoteric actions, even from the most elaborate ones.

The Phoenix opposes the psychic suffering and preserves from cognitive overstrain. It also restores and enhances thinking processes and leads to an outstanding discernment to take better decisions.

As an effective support in adversity, it avoids to wander into decision making, helps to discern and seize new opportunities. Thus, it brings a better life comfort. This radionic graphic reinstates self confidence, releases the enslaved being and inspires perseverance. These abilities grant the Phoenix with a significant impact on studies and overall professional activities.

The Phoenix opens and regenerates the chakras, stimulates the third eye, restores the mind and releases from superficial needs, and thus constitutes an amazing support to spiritual awakening.

The Phoenix assists to retrieve serenity, especially by freeing from possessiveness. Furthermore, it softens childish caprices. This graphic can be placed on a wall to protect a place.

Very sophisticated sacred geometry pattern, the Phoenix stands as a guardian and a potent energy regenerator both through radionics and water dynamization. This radionic graphic is much appreciated by professional Radiesthesia and Radionics practitioners as well as health therapists. It sustains a powerful energy structure and harmonizes both private and professional life places. It also preserves therapists from most of energy transfers.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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