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In this category, you will find sacred geometry pattern with properties linked to purification. Especially used with Radionics and Water dynamisation or other esoteric disciplines. Note that some of those tools can produce an action on Geobiology. Purification may be performed on any subject. Especially, Jewelry, Amulets and other daily objects require special attention too often neglected. Expelling and transmute energetic parasites which vampirise a person stands as a prime aspect of purification. About plants, so sensitive to subtle energies, we introduce tools dedicated to their purification. Those also acts on food with an outstanding efficiency. An article on this last subject is currently being translated in the Library.


  • radionic-graphic-radionics-energetic-purification-objects Jewelry, Amulets

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry pattern, mainly radionic graphics suited for objects purification, especially pendulums and other objects used with Radiesthésia as well as daily jewelry and amulets. Neutralise that way all negativity and transfers from those objects and dynamise them upward to an uncommon vibrational rate. Jewelry are a too often neglected subject, most of them absorb, memorise and send back to us the emotions and energies which we broadcast and receive. This phenomenon is even more significant concerning jewelry adorned with crystals or minerals which possess a stupendous memory. Some of them also stand as potent amplifiers, like the diamond. Thus, it is necessary to provide their purification with regular attention. An article on the subject is being translated on the Library.

  • radionic-graphic-radionics-energetic-purification-plants Radionics: Plants

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry pattern, mainly efficient radionic graphics for Purification dedicated to plants. Dynamised watering water stands as a prime vector. Plants are very sensitive to energies. Thus, negativity can cause them terrible harm. It is also possible to deal with a land by the means of Radionics to stimulate the growth and production of a field or a whole kitchen garden. The results are quickly visible and astonishing: Plants retrieve an improved vigor along with unexpected reflowerings. Vegetables are more numerous and some attain an impressive size

  • radionic-graphic-radionics-harmonise-purify-parasitic-energies Parasitic Energies

    In this category, you will find sacred geometry patterns, mainly radionic graphics with purification properties to cleanse various form of energetic parasites including energetic larvas. They are designed to be especially used with Radionics, meditation, water dynamisation or other esoteric disciplines. It is thus possible to restore pure energies in an individual, food, an object or any other kind of subject. Those energies are also steadier facing daily interference.