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The Unicorn

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Protection, Purification, Dynamisation, Geobiology, Health Support, Energy Cleanse, Amplification, Harmonisation, Spiritual awakening, Professionnal

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Radionic Graphic: The Unicorn

The Unicorn radionic graphic performs various effects. It synchronizes the aura with cosmic energies and establishes a connection to mighty spirituals egregores of goodness. A healthy aura enhances the vibrational immunity and protects from diseases. That makes the Unicorn a great health support. This graphic also leads to a better understanding of esoteric messages. Furthermore, it heightens the abilities and esoteric results.

The Unicorn is a prime choice for the cleaning of numerous nuisances, the geobiologic harmonization of houses and to ease the freeing from entities. This radionic graphic is also a tool of choice to purify and dynamize any food, beverage, jewellery, talisman, mineral, gemstone, oil, plants and homeopathic remedies.

The high capabilities of energetic cleaning of the Unicorn are ideal to protect therapists, especially from energetic transfers, malicious esoteric actions and from other psychic assaults. This radionic graphic supports to maintain the gains. It induces a more consistent approach while it also preserves from stubbornness and professional oppositions.

Thanks to all these abilities, the Unicorn has a significant effect on the beginners' work as well as for the most experienced ones.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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