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The Mermaid

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Purification, Dynamisation, Géobiology, Amplification, Energy cleanse, Spiritual awakening, Professionnal

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Radionic Graphic: The Mermaid

The Mermaid Radionic graphic is one of the outcome of fifteen years of experiments on Radionics with the shape of a diamond. Potent energy conveyor, this graphic dissolves the ills and stands as a significant health support, whatever the place and the distance from where the subject is.

The Mermaid establishes a sturdy energetic protection as well as it acts on events. This radionic graphic inspires the mind and consciousness, releases them from various nuisances and protects them from energetic parasites while diminishing traumas. It also eases the release of entities.

For Geobiology, the Mermaid can be placed on a wall to harmonize the telluric networks of a particular place.

Therapists adopting the Mermaid observe significant enhancements of their results. Used thousands of times by numerous Radionics practitioners, this graphic has always proven a great efficiency.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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