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The Spider

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Protection, Amplification, Vitalisation, Health Support, Harmonisation, Spiritual awakening, Professionnal

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Radionic graphic: The Spider

The Spider radionic graphic can be used for radionics and dynamization. The Spider avoids personality disorders and stabilize excessive personality. It helps to focus and restores concentration abilities. This graphic also makes up for attention deficits. It is also every efficient for mental disorders when sued on a suited action time.

As a brain stimulator, the Spider refines the senses and decreases the reaction time. Also, it grants learning and studying processes with dynamism and efficiency.

This radionic graphic eases meditation, guides toward inner harmony, releases the mind from influences, dynamizes psychic abilities, inspires the third eye and thus, grants with bright psychic bases.

Powerful emitter, the Spider protects astral bodies and generates a great vibrational capacity, which supports to develop an overall resistance while striving against malicious esoteric actions and energetic parasites.

The radionic graphic of the Spider is easy to use, suited for esoterism beginners. It stands as a fine sacred geometry pattern with noteworthy colour shades which endow it with additional abilities. The Spider stands out with prime aptitudes for personality development, subliminal programming dissolution and psychic reconstruction. It is a huge esoteric initiation asset.

Last but not least, the Spider protects from most of energy transfers, develops mediumship, clairvoyance and healing gifts.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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