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The Nymph

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Protection, inner Peace, Amplification, Vitalisation, Health Support, Energy Cleanse, Harmonisation, Spiritual awakening, Professionnal

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Radionic Graphic: The Nymph

The Nymph radionic graphic especially suits therapists overstrained by their activities. It helps to renew an overstretched healing potential. This graphic is a potent energy purifier and an amazing professional protection as well as a barrier for bad thoughts, direct or indirect malice and for hostility. Moreover, It frees the mind of its subliminal programming.

The Nymph purifies, dynamizes and activates the aura and chakras, preserves and stabilizes the psychic energies while it releases the inner master. This radionic graphic greatly strengthens the mind and improves the vibrational immunity. Thus the esoteric abilities evolve without concerns for the passing time.

The Nymph enables to recover from energetic spoliations by initiating opportunities. It eases the handling of conflicts and relational pollution. It also eases the transfer of esoteric abilities.

This radionic graphic notably suits esotericism students.

The concept of the Nymph follows those of the Hydra and the Unicorn with high level abilities toward water, gemstones and minerals dynamization and purification. Really stable and easy to use, this graphic enhances and sustains a therapists' energies. The Nymph also stands as a potent protection used on a radionic setup and harmonizes houses.

The company of the Nymph initiates an inner metamorphosis. Its energetic grid protects the subject or his family from the vagaries of life.

When a practitioner experiences activity overloads, the Nymph stimulates energies, eases overstrains and clarifies objectives and priorities while helping to assess the stakes. Thus, it contributes to a significant increase of the therapeutic results.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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