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The Centaur

Characteristics of this radionic graphic:

Dynamisation, Inner Peace, Amplification, Vitalisation, Health Support, Energy Cleanse, Harmonisation, Spiritual Awakening, Professional

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Radionic Graphic: The Centaur

The Centaur radionic graphic has been designed as the lighter adaptation of a gigantic sacred geometric pattern. This radionic graphic can be used for many purposes. It purifies and invigorates water, gemstones, essential oils and elixirs with a greater efficiency. It initiates and strengthen the vibrational immunity and thus, protects from the contamination of bacteria and viruses and neutralizes the adverse effects of treatments' interactions. It also triggers a self-healing renewal.

The Centaur releases the enslaved being from its subliminal programming as well as from inherited tendencies which introduces one's self metamorphosis. This radionic graphic purifies and restructures the brain as well as the nervous system while restoring their plasticity. The Centaur cancels the effects of harmful waves, such as antennas, WiFi, cell phones, etc., and restores the original operating frequency of the brain.

This radionic graphic enables an amazing vibrational rising and enhances the psychic abilities' intensity. It makes easier to overcome major difficulties. Especially, it helps to get used to the obstacles of today's society. Furthermore, this graphic assists to receive spiritual guides' messages and preserves from nightmares.

The Centaur belongs to the same radionic graphics' lineage as the Hydra, the Unicorn and the Nymph. The Centaur's initial pattern is larger than 3 m². We narrowed it down and lightened it so that we would be able to use its vibrational power for our esoteric actions.

Placed on a wall, it generates very harmonious energies for life places. The Centaur's presence enables one's self metamorphosis and its energy grid protects the subject or his family from the vagaries of life.

All these abilities make the Centaur an ideal compagnon for a spiritual life.

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Product's characteristics:
coated graphic cardboard 300g/m²
Format: A4
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